Why This Blog?

Fáilte go dtí mo Blag. Welcome to my blog.

Why This Blog?

Initially this blog part of an experiment, spurred on by the Irish ANTLC (Academic and National Training Library Cooperation), blog competition.

The blog was born out of sheer determination, evenings upon evenings of frustration and excitement. I didn’t know what I was doing, WordPress was a foreign language, I kept making mistakes, and I had no-one to ask. I watched many YouTube videos, read umpteen blogs and followed instructions carefully, but it just didn’t seem to turn out the way I had intended.
If, after having a ‘eureka’ moment, I left it for a few days, I would forget how I had ‘done’ something and that meant more head-banging frustration. Studying and the summer got in the way, so this poor site was abandoned.

However, I’m eternally grateful to this Challenge, I learned the basics of how to use WordPress, though thanks to “Lorelle on WordPress” I’m still learning. Though I had abandoned this site, I’ve actually gone on to produce another site for a quilting group I belong to, which has met with some compliments.

What to Blog?

One of the difficulties about this site, was my inability to focus on who my audience might be, and who on earth would want to read it. Initially I wanted to write about the actual work in the library, to show the library users how we create an environment for them to study, research and discover. I wondered how others viewed us – whether they thought we just sit and read books all day? Do they perceive our working life as tranquil, stress-free?

Having embarked on a Library Management and Leadership course, it seemed to be an idea to incorporate my learning and experiences as a student would complement work experiences. The flaw in the ointment however, was that there was no time to update the blog, do all the assignments, work full-time and have a life. Therefore, the blog remained dormant.

Not sure what form this will take, but I too am interested to see where it goes.

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