One dimensional view

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Do we only see what is in front of us?  When do we learn to look beyond the immediate view?

I was in a local shopping centre at the weekend, and spotted a friend looking a bit bewildered. She was looking for items which had always been located near the Paypoint and had been around the store a few times without finding what she was looking for. I happened to see a sign for those very items, located upstairs. My friend was amazed, she hadn’t realised there even was an upstairs! To be fair, the store was renovated a year ago and the upstairs was created then.

It made me think about the number of readers who come into the library to look at the current journals still held in hardcopy – of which there are fewer and fewer! Invariably, they wander over to ask where the other 2014 issues are. When they are told that the back issues are stored underneath the shelves. They peer at them just like a short sighted person does at a restaurant menu, too proud to put on their glasses. The vacant look which accompanies the squint, usually necessitates a physical demonstration. It’s their one dimensional view.

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