Happy St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick's Day

Took this photo many years ago of some shamrock in a Garden Centre – my own shamrock which appears every year at this time, bears no resemblance to this. Still there is usually enough to make a respectable pin.

Our library is unique, as I’ve mentioned before, as we serve university staff and students, AND those in the Health and Social Care (HSC). Some belong to the HSC and are students too, but they can get confused as to which system to use, or they think one should lead to the other. The shamrock symbol is helpful in explaining the differences. The institution is the stem which contains the books, staff and buildings, which everyone can use. However, the three leaves are the Institution, the HSC and AFBI (affectionately known as Agriculture) and represent the electronic material, which is purchased from separate funds for each. Therefore, HSC has no access to the Institution and vice verse.

I’ve just been helping a Midwife who is also doing a postgraduate course and I used this explanation with her. Gratifyingly, her face brightened and she said that that made it clear. It isn’t as easy to write it down and impossible to insert all the hand gestures, which I feel obliged to enact to clarify what I’m saying.

Busy day today as several classes filled the library today and the WiFi decided to go on strike! Many HSC users are doing courses and they too needed a lot of assistance.

Love being busy.



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